Do you have a teenaged boy in your life who may be experiencing some tough challenges?


As boys, if we had had an elder man asking us to come up with our own solutions and asking the tough life-questions like:

  • What are integrity, honour, and strength?
  • How can I be the best man I can possibly be - and what does that mean for me? 
  • Or even better, what type of man do I even WANT to be? 

Maybe we wouldn’t have struggled with the concept of manhood or masculinity as much as we did.

As young lads, if we had been around groups of older men to receive different input from different experiences and be taught, shown and supported into making our own initiations in life through our own life experiences, to be introduced to men's circles, healthy emotional expression and an ability to give and receive feedback and support our lives growing up as boys would have been very different. 

If we had had guidance and support from elder men, and allowing us to search within ourselves instead of being told everything we did was wrong or not welcome because we were too young and "didn't know anything", we definitely wouldn’t have felt so lost for so long - we wouldn’t have tried to prove  masculinity through money, sex, power, machoism, drugs, alcohol and many other destructive and unsupportive outlets that did not uplift us nor serve to benefit us in the long run.

Gone are the days of mentors that helped us explore these questions from within ourselves. Born has been the age of marketing and the coach, where we are constantly told, not asked.

I believe that we have the answers inside of us!

I also believe that one of the biggest challenges we face in this world these days is finding that inner wisdom , remembering how powerful we are and that we are perfect just as we are!


There is so much information about what we are supposed to do, be, say, feel, look like that we start to question our own inner wisdom rather than follow it!

So, where do Steve and Tyran come in and how can we support?


We have created a mentorship program for young men aged 13 – 18, where we will be discussing important developmental themes such as emotions, sex, money, respect, values, power, masculinity, femininity, embodiment, leadership. All of these will be covered in an 8-week mentorship program, designed exclusively for young men.

We want to step up and show young men how to create a value system for themselves, how to solve their own issues, how to communicate respectfully and openly, how to set healthy boundaries and how to manage their own sexuality.

We are committed to guiding these young men in how to feel and express their emotions in a healthy way, how to overcome any fear of failure and become the mentors that they long for in their own life.

Here are the topics and questions that this MEN-TOUR-SHIP will cover:

  • Sex – Sexual energy, consent, boundaries, respect, communication
  • Emotions – track in the body what they are feeling, learn how to feel, express and release it
  • Money – how to earn money, how to have a healthy relationship with money, why it is important,
  • Values – self values, morals, beliefs, attributes, what is important to them and how to create a value system in accordance with that. Themes here will be honesty, integrity, respect, strength, compassion, kindness, forgiveness and anything else that comes up in the sessions.
  • Power – what is power? How do you use power? The power of choice
  • Masculinity – What are masculine traits? How can we embody them in a healthy way?
  • Femininity  - What are feminine traits? How can we understand them and navigate them? How can we have a healthy relationship with the feminine?
  • Spirit – What is the soul? How is the soul different to our ego? What is the purpose of the soul? How do we listen to it?
  • Embodiment – What is the purpose of the body? How do we listen to it? How positive/negative things are stored in the body!
  • Leadership – What is a leader? Who is a leader? What’s the difference between a leader and a follower?

WHAT: This is NOT a mentorship based on telling boys how to be men. It IS a mentorship providing them with a safe environment where they can ask questions, explore, learn to overcome any fears and ultimately come back to themselves to find the answers that are true for them so that they can find their truth and thrive.

WHERE: The mentorship will be conducted in a group setting via a private Facebook group and weekly zoom calls for 8 weeks.

WHEN: On Saturday or Sunday depending on time zone. 




Time Zone  














13/14 Mar


20/21 Mar


27/28 Mar


3/4 Apr


10/11 Apr


17/18 Apr


24/25 Apr


1/2 May


COST: $750 AUD - Scholarship discounts available to make this available to all

Steve and I would like to interview every parent and child before entering the mentorship as we need the young men to feel included in this choice. Our strongest intention is for them to feel supported, empowered and free to make their own choices throughout the journey.

We also want the parents to feel safe that their children are in the hands of 2 men who really have their children’s best intentions at heart!

Parents are you ready?

Both Steve and myself will be speaking with you individually to answer any questions you may have about our 8-week Men-Tour-Ship. Please schedule a time to meet with us and we look forward to taking this journey with you!

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Meet Steve Shiva Corbett - BSc (Honours) Psychology MBPSs
Holistic Counselor Certification, SENCO

Steve Shiva has over 10 years experience in supporting, empowering and advocating for youngsters, teenagers and young adults facing behavioural/ emotional, learning and social challenges. His commitment to nurturing the healthy development of teenage boys is a direct result of the difficulties he faced as a teenager, lost in a world of confusion about what it means to be a man, and with an absence of positive male guidance in his life. This had profound effects on his adult life, leading him on a personal development journey to unravel and heal his own masculinity, and now he is committed to being there for boys at a time when he needed it the most.

Whether working with young people in groups, camps or individually, individual clients in his private practice, or groups of men and women looking to live their truth, Steve Shiva facilitates transformation through presence, playfulness, curiosity, embodiment, and full acknowledgement of each person’s uniqueness.


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Meet Tyran Mowbray - Facilitator | Speaker | Men’s Masculinity, Sexuality and Relationship Mentor

Tyran Mowbray grew up your very typical Australian bloke, he played Aussie rules footy for 20 years, bricklayer/tradesman for 12 years, worked in the mines for 2 years and was just your every day lad.

Loved having beers with the boys, partying and generally just running a muk. Little did he realise a lot if this was done to try to be accepted by his peers. This longing to be accepted led him down some darker paths where he ended up being involved with some nasty people and stepping into some very unhealthy situations, physically emotionally and psychologically. He became depressed, addicted to porn, heavy drinker and disconnected from his heart in many areas of his life.

After having a breakdown in Thailand he went travelling the world in search of something. On this journey he became a yoga teacher in India, studied Tantra and sacred Sexuality in Mystery schools around the world, studied meditation and Buddhism in England (weird place to study there but it was phenomenal), and hitchhiked around Europe living in a tent for 4 months.

After coming back and realising he wasn’t the only one that was suffering in silence he now makes it his mission and purpose to create spaces where men can come back to their hearts and find the answers to their issues through the guidance and support of group work. Men holding and supporting men is the way forward.


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