Let's be honest!!!

You don’t know much about men!


It’s not your fault.

Men don’t know much about themselves or how to open up to you as women!

We’re not exactly the most open book going around.


We don’t get taught how to process our emotions, how to communicate, how to deal with mental or physical ailments, I mean shit… we don’t even get taught how to use our dick properly!

“ahh so son, what you do is watch this video on 3 men having sex with 1 girl and pull it as hard as you can, as fast as you can and then don’t make any noise, don’t breathe and be ashamed of how much you want to do it!” 

It’s no wonder the relationships between men and women are failing. Its no wonder the relationships between men and men are failing!

There are so many men out there afraid of intimacy on any level because it has been labelled as weak, soft, feminine, girly and the list goes on! Yet I can protest as a man that works with men, it is one of their deepest desires and the thing they crave the most in their life!

The problem is they just have no point of reference for what that looks like, feels like or can be expressed as. They don’t know how to ask for it without seeming weak, they don’t know how to make love differently, they don’t know how to do something that they’ve never done.

Here's What You Can Do...

What if, as a woman you could support your man or men in your life to:


  • Process their emotions
  • Master their sexual energy
  • Guide and direct a man in the bedroom without feeling like you were disempowering him
  • Open his heart to heal old pains
  • Have a better connection with you/women
  • Have a deeper friendship with his male friends
  • Communicate what’s happening in his internal sphere!
  • Not close when they got triggered or scared


Mmm Tell Me How I Can Do This!

What would happen to your life as a woman with men in your world like that?


Men that were anchored more in their KING!

I hear a lot of people say they want someone in their life who has done ALL THE WORK!

To you I say; you’re an idiot!

No one has done ALL THE WORK.

It is an ever evolving, ever changing landscape. We only ever know what we know in each moment. And even then, sometimes we forget what we’ve done in the past. If we as individuals don’t help each other grow, develop and mature as humans then what chance does civilisation have? What chance do our kids have?

What chance do WE have RIGHT NOW if we are only ever going to engage with people who have done all the work.

I’m going to be straight up honest with you here!

Women changed my life!

It wasn’t until I met powerful, awake women, who showed me aspects of myself that I then went on a mission to dig a little deeper.



When I experienced women who showed me it was ok to be in my heart, it was ok to be in my primal, animalistic, sexual nature, it was ok to cry, it was ok to express anger, it was ok to BE ALL OF ME!


This was where the deepest healing ever occurred and sent me on a trajectory to help other men!



 Empowered women

 Fearless women

 Women that loved men

 Women that wanted the best for men

 Women that didn't shame, guilt, or ridicule men

If it wasn’t for women, I wouldn’t be the man I am!

And so I became an advocate for men because women help me see the power we hold as men and the beauty that exists when we dance together to help each other grow and shine.

So in return, as I have developed quite a skill now at translating what happens inside a man’s heart, head and belly. I wish to repay the favour and help women understand men more!

I am running a one time women’s program called CULTIVATE YOUR KING!

A 3 week offering delving into men/masculinity and all things under that banner!

Oooh Tell Me More Please!

We Will Explore:

What stops men from opening up

Men's sexuality


Men's mental barriers


Why men close and why men open



How to open men sexually, emotionally, spiritually


How to relate with men who have been hurt by women


How to remove your own stories around men

Where men have let you down and how to build men up in that area

Guiding men to communicate their feelings and emotions


Plus so much more!

Join me and a beautiful group of women on Nov 21st for 3 weeks of intense deep diving into men and masculinity and your relationship with it and them!

Come and get inside a man’s head and learn, from the inside out, how to work WITH men to build, longer, stronger, more stable, loving, sexually passionate, healthy relationships.

I'm Ready To Cultivate My King!

Remy Road

I met Tyran in the midst of my father passing, and the end of a four year relationship. Drowning in grief and the loss of the two most important male figures in my life, Tyran helped me walk home to myself.  First he took me through the male archetypes, helping to develop those parts within myself. And then I did spiral sessions with him, helping me release and clear all that which was no longer served me. What struck me most about Tyran was his complete lack of judgment. I was able to open myself up in a way I never had before. I was freed of so many self imposed blocks that I was not even aware had been caging me. His process pushes you outside of your comfort zone in a way that is fun and exhilarating. Most importantly, I completely trusted him. I trusted him to walk me through this process. I trusted the container. I trusted his heart wisdom. Working with Tyran pushed my life further into the direction I was longing for and connected me back to myself. I couldn’t thank him more for sharing his gift.

Abbey Rose

There is something to be said when a man lovingly holds space for a woman to heal through her masculine wounds. My time working with Tyran will always be valued. He helped me shift and move through some pretty heavy conditioning. I knew he was the coach for me after our original connection call and he held such a powerful presence whilst also guiding and mentoring with a level of love that I had never been met with before. I’m deeply grateful for our work together and it has been some of the most profound work I’ve navigated to date. I couldn’t recommend him enough! Any work he does in this space will be life changing.