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This is literally the simplest and most profound way that I changed my life. I can't wait to share it with you


Creating Optimal health for men which has them creating Physical Strength, Mental Resilience and Emotional Maturity

Supporting Men to get clear on Creating a vision Building out a plan, Taking action and enjoy every step along the way 

Helping men create deep intimacy and great sex within their relationships


JUNE 28 - 30, 2024



I'm sorry to be the bearer of confronting news, but ice baths, meditations, breath-work and emotional release, will only take you so far! It is the best way to start your inner process. But like everything else in this world it has its capacity!

If you want to really stand out in this world then you must do what no one else does! And this is the limitation of ice baths, breath-work and meditation.


We are the providers of our family

We are the protectors of the weak

We are builders of the future

We are the gladiators of the arena

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Prolong your Sex Life... 3 Part Video Series

Learn the Basics that we should have learnt when we were 14....

Learn How to Overcome Porn Addiction, Pre-mature Ejaculation and Erectile Dysfunction

These are 3 huge issues that men face these days in the world. And how we show up sexually "we believe" has a lot to do with our masculinity. Whether our cock is big enough, whether we make a woman cum, or how long we fuck for!!! Yet we never learn anything about sex, sexuality or intimacy growing up. We are just made to figure it out on our own as we mature. This creates a lot of stress, pressure and insecurities around EVERYTHING to do with SEX, and then by default, being a MAN.

"Tyran is hands down amazing. I cannot express enough love and gratitude for this human being. He has not only helped shift my perspectives into the right direction, he has also shown me what it's like to be truly vulnerable, which is something I have been running away from for a while now. Tyran has not only broadened me as a human being, he has also done the same for multiple people I have recommended to him"

Joshua Aaron
Pt Instructor

"I was struggling to connect to myself from sexual abuse and a false view of masculinity. Through Tyran’s coaching I am learning to connect with my body, let my inner beast out and have realized the lies that I have believed about masculinity. I am becoming more confident, by removing shame and guilt from my life and realizing the full potential of myself!"

Music Teacher

"Working with Tyran in his group Mentorship Priests of Phallic Power opened up some of my insecurities about myself and made me own them fully. I now go through my own world less ashamed of the way I'm expressing myself."

'25 yr old Salesman'

"After working with Tyran I have come out of the other side as a man who is more comfortable in his own skin, able to connect to his emotions and express them as well as having a supportive group of men behind him. Led by Tyran with his supportive and expressive ways this mentorship is truly life changing for people at any point within their spiritual and emotional journeys in life,"


"I have been working with tyran now for nearly a year it has been one of the best choices I have made in my life. Tyran has helped mentor me not long after I had my kids removed off me. Not only has helped me find happiness in myself but his on going support has helped me become the father I am today. Not only is he an advocate for men’s metal Heath he’s is also out here teaching men to have a better impact on people around them. Big love for you bro! I support you ❤️❤️❤️"


"I have been following this guy on Instagram and he truly inspired me to put work and effort to become and better man - despite being at the other end of the world - thank you 🙏"


"Highly recommend Tyran and his coaching. I did his 5 week dark masculine course while going through some particularly hard time with life challenges. It was hugely beneficial to not only that but also in general evolution and development. Anyone interested in this type of thing I think will find it really beneficial"

Joshua Fuller

"I had the pleasure of attending one of Tyran's workshops, and found it very powerful. The work that he is doing is exactly what we as men need right now, countering all the negativity we are facing and allowing us to find our truth, and approach the world from love. It gave me true insights into myself, as well as showing me how much potential I have. If you ever get the chance to work with Tyran, do yourself a favour and go for it!"

Ryan Crowley

"This Guy spreads the message of brotherhood, of love between men. It’s not gay or not done, it’s the new man! Rise brothers, rise sisters!"

Ricardo Huisman

"The best coach I've had the honour to work with in his Divine Dark Masculine Workshop! Tyran and Mia were absolutely wonderful and so open and giving. Added masses of knowledge and improved my confidence! Thank you so much Tyran!"

Tatiana Amores

"This mentorship changed my life by getting me to look at myself rather than the traditional “blame game” I would play in an attempt to blame others for my problems or unhappiness. It has given me a new sense of accountability and responsibility. It has also shown me that, as a man, it is ok to be vulnerable and emotional. Additionally, moving through “my shit” has allowed me to put those stories I tell myself about myself in the past and show up as the man I want to be and proud of who I am and who I am becoming. I love you Tyran!"



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