Learn to be your own man! We get bombarded with what men and masculinity should look or be like and very rarely do we ever get given the tools, the guidance or the knowledge to actually find out what type of man we want to be for ourselves! Come and find out what type of man has been laying dormant inside of you!

Open up your relationships to a whole new way of being, communicating your needs and hearing the needs of your partner, learning how to create polarity to keep the passion alive and things interesting in all areas of your relationship.

Sexuality is still a taboo topic in our culture even though we use it to sell everything. Come and expand, explore and liberate yourself from any shame, guilt or fear around your natural sexual expression. Use your powerful life force to create ecstasy, joy and bliss in your life.

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There is a dark predator that lies within you. A man that stands for love, justice, peace and integrity. Rather than living in a world where this energy is suppressed and shut down from fear, join the brotherhood that supports and encourages this ecstatic life force. Join a group of men that all are on a mission to embody and empower themselves and all the men around them. Your life changes when you have a group of men that are committed to supporting you being the most liberated and powerful MAN you can be. No more unhealthy male competition where we belittle each other and pull each other down because we are afraid of our own power. Gain deep insights, valuable practices to stay in alignment with the sacredness that you want to live your life by. When a man’s cock is connected to his heart he penetrates with presence, passion and purpose. Not just women but the whole world.


Men joke about porn, masturbation and sex all the time. Or they suppress the fact that their sexuality is even a thing to be discussed. And yet Men get blamed for 90% of sexual assaults add to that, porn is a multi Billion dollar industry! Seems like there is something here. If you’re ready to look at your sexual shadows and over come pre-mature ejaculation, porn addiction, erectile dysfunction, acknowledge all the aspects of your sexuality including attraction, desires, confidence with women then this is the program for you.


"Tyran is hands down amazing. I cannot express enough love and gratitude for this human being. He has not only helped shift my perspectives into the right direction, he has also shown me what it's like to be truly vulnerable, which is something I have been running away from for a while now. Tyran has not only broadened me as a human being, he has also done the same for multiple people I have recommended to him"

Joshua Aaron
Pt Instructor

"I was struggling to connect to myself from sexual abuse and a false view of masculinity. Through Tyran’s coaching I am learning to connect with my body, let my inner beast out and have realized the lies that I have believed about masculinity. I am becoming more confident, by removing shame and guilt from my life and realizing the full potential of myself!"

Music Teacher

"Working with Tyran in his group Mentorship Priests of Phallic Power opened up some of my insecurities about myself and made me own them fully. I now go through my own world less ashamed of the way I'm expressing myself."

'25 yr old Salesman'

"After working with Tyran I have come out of the other side as a man who is more comfortable in his own skin, able to connect to his emotions and express them as well as having a supportive group of men behind him. Led by Tyran with his supportive and expressive ways this mentorship is truly life changing for people at any point within their spiritual and emotional journeys in life,"


Prolong your Sex Life... 3 Part Video Series

Learn the Basics that we should have learnt when we were 14....

Learn How to Overcome Porn Addiction, Pre-mature Ejaculation and Erectile Dysfunction

These are 3 huge issues that men face these days in the world. And how we show up sexually "we believe" has a lot to do with our masculinity. Whether our cock is big enough, whether we make a woman cum, or how long we fuck for!!! Yet we never learn anything about sex, sexuality or intimacy growing up. We are just made to figure it out on our own as we mature. This creates a lot of stress, pressure and insecurities around EVERYTHING to do with SEX, and then by default, being a MAN.


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